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What people usually refer to as ‘innovation’ is often no more than a simple line extension. We believe it’s possible to take a brand in a number of different directions, providing it can maintain its integrity & stand behind its ‘truths’. Our methodology is designed to be interactive & engaging, with prolific results.

making the magic happen

We’ve created a set of proprietary ‘tools’, making us agile enough to adapt to any brand’s needs or budget. For Product Innovation, we’ve developed Mojo Seeker - a dynamic & collaborative approach to take people out of their daily environment (and comfort zone) to explore and generate inspirational ideas.

mojo seeker

We don't believe in 'blue sky thinking' for innovation. It first has to be grounded in what the brand actually stands for. Only then can we explore ideas that are relevant but no less exciting.

We like to involve as many people across the business as possible and take them out of their day-to-day environment. By using parallel markets and outside inspiration we can widen the scope of any innovation brief and broaden expected thinking.

We start with a 'retail safari', where teams are challenged to gather stimulus that inform our brief on look & feel, language, colour-ways, imagery, touch and even taste. We capture all ideas and build on the biggest opportunity areas with the entire team. Stand back and watch the magic happen!

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