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Like people, we believe that brands can lose their mojo too - losing their true spirit and becoming less & less relevant to consumers in today’s marketplace.

Some need to be evolved, while others need a much more revolutionary approach. To do this, we’ve developed a methodology that’s been tried & tested on some well known brands - with exceptional results.

making the magic happen

By creating our set of proprietary ‘tools’, we’re agile enough to adapt to any brand’s needs or budget. With a Brand Development project, each of the tools shown below represents a potential stage within a project. However, each one is flexible enough for us to create a bespoke method to suit your needs.


We use Mojo Fuse to create a clear picture of the market right now. Whether you have data overload or no data at all, we adapt our approach to interpret the information and identify how to tackle the gaps.


Mojo Spark is used to search for opportunities. Having uncovered consumer insights, we can now look at your brand’s needs and commercial goals in context. We’ll not only investigate what your competitors are doing and what’s working, but we’ll also interview key stakeholders within your business to understand their point of view.


Mojo Maker is our creation phase. By this stage, we’ll have several territories to choose from. To put them to the test in the real world, we recruit ‘creative consumers’ to collaborate with us to explore the territories. Together we’ll hone these insights and identify the concepts that are most engaging and true to your brand.


Mojo Connect is a chance to consolidate what we have so far. We clarify the elements from each stage to create a narrative that consumers can connect with. This process defines everything you need to communicate your brand message – from a ‘reason to believe’, to your values and how these determine your personality.

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