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A single brand can’t do everything or appeal to everyone, no matter how hard you try.

So maybe it’s time to create a new brand - positioned to disrupt the marketplace, while appealing to a new & different audience. It needn’t take too long. We’ve been known to go from concept generation to validation in just 7 weeks!

making the magic happen

We’ve created a set of proprietary ‘tools’. By taking this approach, we’re agile enough to adapt to any brand’s need or budget.

For Brand Creation projects, we created Mojo Buzz - a collaborative approach, that allows us to challenge convention and develop ideas that can become ownable & have genuine category stand-out.

mojo buzz

We’ve developed a powerful and engaging way to ‘fast track’ a number of new brand concepts, by working collaboratively with a selected team from your side and ours, in addition to the all-important ‘creative consumers’.

Depending on the brief & your desired outcome, we believe we can arrive at a validated concept within 2-3 months. We can then use a very fast & effective quant method across various markets, to provide you with the ‘size of the prize’.

brands we helped create!

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