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Analyse — this is our kick-off phase, where we gather vital information to determine the brand’s needs, set against your vision and commercial goals.

It’s an opportunity not only to investigate what your competitors are doing and how they’re doing it, but also to interrogate the key stakeholders within your business to listen to and understand their point of view.

By also involving people outside of marketing, including sales, operations and R&D we can achieve the fundamental support required to drive new ideas & thoughts forward.

The output is then distilled & analysed to create a number of opportunity areas and build tighter consumer target typologies.

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Explore — often used for innovation to open everyday thinking within your team, we look inside and outside of your category to break existing paradigms and explore new horizons for the brand.

We’ll visit a vast array of venues and attractions to experience new trends in everything from technology, packaging, clothing, food, drink and retail environments.

It’s your chance to empathise with the emotional drivers and discover what stimulates the senses; visually & sensorially – through the eyes of your target consumer.

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Create — although we’ll have had thoughts and generated a number of territories by this stage, we believe it’s vital to develop, build and strengthen the brand concepts and hone insights WITH consumers.

By recruiting ‘creative consumers’ (just 1% of our population), we know we’ll be engaging with people that are brand literate, early adopters and influencers – who are never afraid to speak their mind!

These co-creation sessions are very collaborative by nature and should include the ‘wider’ brand team – with individuals from marketing, sales, operations, R&D and your partner agencies.

Together, we’ll explore what your brand could really stand for, through compelling brand stories, expressed visually & verbally, that engage with your consumers and the key stakeholders within the business – to unleash it’s full potential.

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Clarify — this is the final piece, designed to create a narrative, bring your brand to life and enable consumers to understand, connect with and own your brand.

We clarify each and every element, where for example your heritage will determine your philosophy and your philosophy will determine your personality. We define everything you need from a ‘reason to believe’, to discriminator, functional & emotional benefits, values, ‘tone of voice’ and pin-point exactly who you’re communicating with.

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